EMI shielding BeCu fingerstock produced by Changguchuan can be used to close the gap between the two contact surfaces and provide a high electromagnetic wave shielding effect. The copper bungee shrapnel requires a very low closing force and is highly resistant to relaxation and wear. It can meet the application requirements for frequent connection of moving parts such as door and door, and can be ensured by various metal plating treatments. Compatibility of any contact surfaces. It will not burn or be affected by radiation. Therefore, the design engineer of electronic technology products regards copper shrapnel as the ideal electromagnetic wave shielding material, which is widely used in telecommunications, data communication, computer, electronics, network equipment, and aerospace. , military, automotive, medical equipment and other fields.
Changguchuan has more than 500 sets of beryllium copper product molds, which can provide specifications according to customer's design requirements, or cut long products into required lengths. Customers do not need to bear mold costs, thus greatly reducing customer R&D costs and effectively shortening products. R&D and production cycle. The material can also be selected according to customer requirements, such as stainless steel, phosphor bronze or titanium copper.


Features and benefits:
 1. Good conductivity 

 2. High tensile strength 

 3. High shielding effect

 4. Good corrosion resistance  5. Long service life

 6. Easy to install

 7. Cost-effective

 8. Multiple plating options
 9. Good performance at high temperature 10. Anti-moisture and UV 

Installation method:
 1. Embedded 2. Sticky type 3. Locking type 4. SMD surface adhesive type 

Adhesive selection:
 1. Sticking conductive adhesive 2. No conductive / general adhesive on the back

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