R7 2800H/2600H Ruilong APU game released in the third quarter

Date:2018-07-14 17:23

Not long ago, AMD R7 2800H With Vega Graphics has joined the 3DMark database package (3DMark 11 P mode, around 4900 minutes). Recently, the related family products have new news - R7 2800H appeared in the Sisoftware database, his code name is ZM3301C3T4MFB_36/33_N.

锐龙标压笔记本APU R7 2800H With Vega来了!

The R7 2600H and R7 2700H are quad-core eight-thread processors, and the TDP should be set to 45W. Currently, the R7 2800H is equipped with a GPU of Vega 11 (704SP equivalent to desktop R5 2400G), and the R7 2600H is equipped with Vega 8.

The arrival of the standard voltage APU is bound to have an impact on entry-level games and high-performance entertainment.

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