ThinkPad new products appear to take the "full blood version" Ruilong processor

Date:2018-07-14 17:23

July 9, 2018, Beijing - Recently, the ThinkPad E485/E585 is launched. The new product maintains the pioneering spirit of the E series. It is the first in the ThinkPad brand family to support the cost-effective AMD RuilongTM mobile processor. With adaptive dynamic spread spectrum technology, the CPU frequency cap is automatically increased under high load conditions. High performance, half the power consumption of previous generation processors, and easy battery life. At the same time, AMD's RadeonTM mobile processor is also equipped with AMD RadeonTM Vega high-performance graphics card, which supports 4K ultra-clear signal output, and enjoys a smooth picture experience in both office and entertainment scenarios.

The AMD Red DragonTM processor is the first in the ThinkPad family for a faster, smarter experience

As the core "core" of the ThinkPad E485/E585, the AMD AVerMediaTM processor has the advantage of a heterogeneous CPU with integrated GPUs. It uses advanced intelligent learning algorithms to read the required data ahead of time to AMD RuilongTM based on predictions. The processor, which in turn implements fast-response calculations, understands user applications through artificial neural networks, and predicts the next steps of the workflow in real time, directing applications and games to very efficient processing paths, thereby improving performance and program speed . The AMD AcerTM processor received a lot of attention as soon as it was released. According to the 3D Center report, the AMD Ryzen 5 processor has won the highest popularity since the first CPU survey was launched in 2010, and 84% of netizens voted for positive support.

The ThinkPad E485/E585 is equipped with a full-fledged AMD Acer® processor with full power consumption of 30W, full performance, and a perfect integration of AMD Radeon Vega high-performance graphics card to provide users with efficient and smooth image rendering. With the loading experience, it also supports 4K signal output to meet the needs of users with ultra-high definition screens.


With the excellent technology of ThinkPad, a more professional and intimate user experience

The shape of the ThinkPad E485/E585 maintains business attributes and meets the PC personality needs of younger users. In appearance, the new ThinkPad E series is loyal to the design source of the Songhuatang Bento Box. It is designed with a tough right-angled design and a more commercial appearance. At the same time, it supports 180° screen opening and closing, and metal hinges to prevent accidental collision. Among them, ThinkPad E485 uses 14-inch body, thin to 21.9mm, light to 1.78kg, and innovatively made the micro-border design, the left and right borders are only 6.9mm narrow, the visual package is stronger. The ThinkPad E585 is as thin as 19.9mm and as light as 2.12kg. The 15-inch body provides a more spacious viewing experience. At the same time, the A side is made of a more textured metal case, which is lighter and stronger.

ThinkPad新品现身 搭“满血版”锐龙处理器
ThinkPad E585

The ThinkPad E485/E585's slim and light body is equipped with a rich interface and supports fast charging technology. It can be charged up to 80% in one hour after shutdown. It is easy to use with TrackPoint® Little Red Riding Hood + three-button design, drum structure and 1.8mm keyboard. The commercial design used provides more comprehensive support for business people who often need to move around. In particular, the ThinkPad E585 is equipped with a separate numeric keypad, which is controlled by one hand and brings a more professional and efficient experience to heavy data users such as accounting.

The ThinkPad E485/E585 is available with SSD+ HDD dual hard drives and dual DDR4 memory slots for dual channels up to 32GB for faster data transfer. In addition, the ThinkPad E485/E585 uses a full tantalum capacitor motherboard, which has many advantages such as small size, anti-electromagnetic interference, high temperature resistance and long life. With the cool cooling technology of ThinkCool, the product will keep running smoothly, and the support of ThinkPlus to the service will truly realize the worry-free experience anytime, anywhere.

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