Three minutes to understand Apple's latest MacBook Pro 2018

Date:2018-07-14 17:21

After Apple introduced the MacBook Pro 2017 version last June, Apple finally released the new MacBook Pro 2018 version a year later. Let’s take a look at what new Apple’s update will bring us. Surprise.

三分钟看懂苹果最新MacBook Pro 2018

This Apple upgrade is a comprehensive upgrade for MacBook Pro performance, all models use the new 8 generation Intel CPU. Apple claims that the speed of the 15-inch model has increased by 70%, and the speed of the 13-inch model has tripled.

The 15-inch version features an i9 six-core processor for image processing, with up to 32GB of DDR4 memory and Radeon Pro with 4GB of GDDR5 memory.

13-inch uses 8 generations of i7 quad-core processor, optional 16GB LPDDR3 memory, Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655 set display. Both models have twice the solid capacity of the previous generation, 15-inchcan be upgraded to 4 TB, and 13-inch can be upgraded to 2 TB.

·The following is the detailed content of the upgrade

·On the CPU side:

三分钟看懂苹果最新MacBook Pro 2018
Full performance upgrade (images from

The 15-inch model can be equipped with a six-core, twelve-thread Core i9 processor with a 2.9 GHz frequency, and a turbo frequency of 4.8 GHz. The previous generation used the 3.1GHz quad-core Core i7.

The 13-inch model with Touch Bar is equipped with a Core 2.7 quad-core processor with 2.7 GHz, and the Turbo can reach 4.5 GHz, while the 2017 model is a dual-core processor with a maximum frequency of only 3.5 GHz.

·In terms of memory:

三分钟看懂苹果最新MacBook Pro 2018
32G of massive memory can do the job of video editing (picture from

The 15-inch MacBook Pro is finally available with 32GB of memory, and unlike the previous generation LPDDR3, this generation of 15" MacBook Pro uses DDR4 2400MHz memory, which requires professionals who use a lot of virtual machines and a lot of video clips. It is the gospel.

·On the GPU side:

三分钟看懂苹果最新MacBook Pro 2018
The 15-inch version uses Radeon Pro alone (images from

This 15-inch model is equipped with Radeon Pro and 4GB GDDR5 memory, which provides better performance support for professional video editing and rendering. In the 13-inch version with touch bar, 128MB eDRAM with twice the capacity of the previous generation is used, which improves the performance of integrated graphics.

If you still think that the performance of the graphics card is not enough, this time Apple has a big surprise for you. This time Apple introduced the Blackmagic eGPU expansion dock. This docking station uses the desktop-grade Radeon Pro 580 graphics card, 8GBGDDR5 memory, can be directly connected to the Thunderbolt 3 interface, and can also charge the MacBook Pro, rendering a discrete graphics card with a speed of 15 inches. Increased by 2.8 times, greatly improving the productivity of the MacBook Pro.


三分钟看懂苹果最新MacBook Pro 2018
Apple's new graphics card expansion dock Radeon Pro 580 (8G memory)

·In terms of safety:

三分钟看懂苹果最新MacBook Pro 2018
T2 chip with integrated controllers (picture from

Apple updated the previous generation of security chips, and the new T2 security chip includes a secure compartment coprocessor for secure boot and encrypted storage. It also integrates multiple independent controllers, including system management controllers, audio controllers, and solid state drive controllers. In addition, T2 also brings the "Siri" function. It should be noted that this chip is only available on models with touch bar. For those who have security requirements, it is best to choose the MacBar Pro with touch bar version.

·Storage aspect:

三分钟看懂苹果最新MacBook Pro 2018
MacBook Pro SSD(Image courtesy of

This time, Apple offers up to 2TB of double SSD storage capacity for 13-inch models and up to 4TB for 15-inch models, compared to 1TB for 13-inch models and up to 2TB for 15-inch models in 2017.

·Screen Aspect:

三分钟看懂苹果最新MacBook Pro 2018
Support original color display technology Automatically adjust color temperature according to ambient light (picture from

This year's MacBook Pro Pro now features 13-inch and 15-inch True Tone displays, including the Touch Bar. Like the latest iPhone and iPad displays, the white balance automatically adjusts to match the color temperature of the surrounding light. The 13吋 version has a resolution of 2560 x 1600 (227 ppi) and the 15吋 version has a resolution of 2880 x 1800 (220 ppi). The screen resolution has not changed from the previous generation.

·On the keyboard:

三分钟看懂苹果最新MacBook Pro 2018
C face has no change from the previous generation

This generation of MacBook Pro still uses the button of the butterfly structure, I hope that this generation of keyboard keys has solved the problem of the previous generation butterfly keyboard sticky and unresponsive. The touchpad has no change from the previous generation. This generation of MacBook Pro supports the latest Bluetooth 5.0, and the rest of the network configuration remains unchanged from last year.

·In terms of appearance:

三分钟看懂苹果最新MacBook Pro 2018
A total of five sockets in the fuselage, ready to adapt the adapter (picture from

The 2018 MacBook Pro Pro model has the same overall design and I/O as 2017, with four Thunderbolt 3-port, 3.5mm headphone jack, Space gray or silver case and more. The 13-inch model still weighs 1.37 kilograms, and the 15-inch still weighs 1.83 kilograms.

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